Setting up the show…

My plan was to have both sets displayed side by side on a table with either daylight or a lamp to light the interiors. After finding my exhibiting space it became clear I would need a lamp; I’d originally planned on having a wall mounted lamp to shine light from above the sets however decided that this might be too intrusive for the viewers as it might block their view. Instead I decided to have a lamp that shone from the side/underneath to be less obstructive. Instead of having a table I had help creating a ply-nth that was made to eye level so that it was more easily view-able. I then painted it white to make a more neutral background from my work so that it wouldn’t steal attention. To attach the lamp I cut a rectangle of wood and drilled holes, firstly larger ones to sync the screws into, then drilled smaller holes all the way through and machine/hand drilled it into place. I then painted this white to match the table and clipped the lamp to it. The light cable was then fitted up the wall in line with the slats making it more seamless. I also placed the book prop form my first idea in project 3, in between the two sets to add some context. The book gives context because it reads ‘Don’t Panic’ on the cover which is a key quote from the book.

Overall the appearance seems quite effective as the construction and background is quite seamless and neutral, letting the work I’m exhibiting me the focus. The light is mainly illuminating the ‘Heart of Gold’ set which was my intention because this set is supposed to be more modern and flawless, whereas the ‘Vogon Ship’ is meant to be more run down, therefore poor lighting helps create a dingy effect. I had planned to have photos of the sets mounted on the wall above the sets but felt that this cluttered the display and detracted from the sets.


The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy updated plan

For my new plan I intend to create two miniature set designs from the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Firstly the ‘heart of gold’ (a high end and flashy space ship), and then the ‘Vogon constructor fleet’ focusing on the dentrussy sleeping quarters described near the start of the book, which is portrayed as squalid and working class. These two ships are a good contrast to each other, showing a classic representation of a futuristic space ship compared to a more alternative portrayal. Before designing the initial layouts of these two models, I want to gather some examples of similar contrasts between other parallels, such as cars and other vehicles but also unrelated objects that purely show a similar contrast between the working class and upper class. Continue reading

2nd project- facial reconstruction

Project proposal for project 2 For my 2nd project, I plan to develop my finished clay skull from project 1, and use it to make a reconstruction of a human head. The word that I’ve chosen for this is ‘sequence’, as it relates to how I will be adding layers of material, and developing the appearance of my model in different stages, learning the sequence needed to make a model of human reconstruction. Continue reading

1st project- clay portrait

My project proposal

For my project, I want learn how to effectively manipulate clay and build a sculpture. I want my outcome to be a portrait of a head as it is a classic subject repeated throughout history, and is therefore a useful skill to learn. My chosen word is ‘surface’, which will relate to the anatomical layers and interiors of a head. To portray this in the model, I could create a classic portrait sculpture with accurate anatomical workings beneath the skin such as bones and muscles.

Continue reading